Pool and Spa Chemicals

Simple Blue

Simple Blue is a mineral based sanitizer that includes water clarifiers and stabilizers. Using Simple Blue will allow you to use less Chlorine, pH, and Alkalinity while keeping your water soft and sanitized. It only needs to be added once per week so you can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on your pool or spa.

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Simple Salt (pools only)

The Simple Salt System provides swimming pool owners with a better quality of water, while eliminating daily usage of harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bromine. Traditional salt systems can cause corrosion to the steel wall and top rails. More and more pool manufacturers will not warranty a pool that uses a traditional salt system. The Simple Salt System utilizes salt in a unique way, simply kick starting the process, to provide better quality water which is also environmentally friendly and safe for your pool.

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Baquacil: the Chlorine Free Sanitizer (pools or spas)

BAQUACIL’s® chemical structure makes it extremely stable and is not affected by sunlight, temperature, or pH fluctuations. It is a 100% Chlorine Free/Bromine Free sanitizing alternative.

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Cal-Hypo Pool Sanitizer (pools only)

Cal-Hypo is a general purpose sanitizer, calcium hypochlorite (cal-hypo) is used in a range of water treatment applications including swimming pools, and drinking water.

It is available in granular form and sold under the brand names of Induclor®, and Zappit™

Dichlor and Trichlor (pools or spas)

You’ll use less chlorine and save money with Alpine Pools brand chlorine!

We sell the strongest made chlorine in 1-inch tablets, 3-inch pucks, and granulated stabilized chlorine. Each product is freshly made with no fillers or binders, this means it is 99% chlorine compared to 73% or even 67% cal-hypo.

When you truly compare Alpine Pools chlorine to the brands at the big box stores, our products are stronger allowing you to use less and save more money in the long run.

Why not consider the The Hayward Salt system to sanitize your pool?

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