Carvin Mystic

The Carvin Mystic Aboveground Pool

  • Thick and Robust Ledges are optimized for better weight distribution. The Mystic is constructed from superior quality resin blends and a 7 ½ width.
  • Adjustable Ledge Covers feature a one screw interlock system.
  • StarGlow Option incorporates a LED light system to your uprights.
  • Snap In Uprights feature feet supports for quick assembly. The Mystic has a durable top plate interface that is 6 inches wide.
  • High Quality Walls that are industry renowned, heat treated and feature a multi layered protection process. The Mystic also offers superior sturdiness and an architectural 3D design.
  • Strong Feet Connection. This strong interconnect rail assembly has a dissemble feature. The Mystic has a screwing option for increased durability.
  • Stable & High Wall Rails keep the Mystic stable. The 1 5/8” rail keeps the wall in place during ground shifts.
  • Premium 54” Aluminum Wall
  • Round Sizes 18’ and 24’
  • Starfall and Starjet Options add irresistible appeal and serenity with the Starfall waterfall and /or Starjet water jets.
Pool Sizes For Carvin Mystic
18 ft
24 ft
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