ESP Advantage

ESP Technology AdvantageAlpine Pools has been searching for the best components and ingredients to make the perfect pool and liner. We call this the ESP Advantage. It gives the pool a lasting durability and low-maintenance that you should expect from an Alpine pool for enjoyment for years to come.

The Beneficial ADVANTAGE of ESP Technology

  • Whether it’s kids pushing off the sidewalls while swimming around in the pool
  • 35 mph winds over the course of a year
  • People sitting up on the edge or toprails of the pool
  • During the winter months their is extra pressure being put on the walls from ice forming inside the pool

Advantage 1

ESP Advantage
Wall Saver Panel
The exclusive pool saver panel is a removable section of the wall that houses the skimmer and return systems. Simply put, the area that is most susceptible to damage is the skimmer and return area. Our pool saver panel takes the worry away with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. And there’s no unsightly shiny steel panel that doesn’t match the look you selected. Our panel matches the look you chose and your friends will never even know it’s there. The panel connects to the main wall with offset dual reinforced bars that make the connection the strongest part of the pool. In short, this feature protects your investment and looks good too.

Advantage 2

ESP AdvantageEnhanced Structural Polymer Components
All of today’s Sharkline pools have components made from Enhanced Structural Polymer (ESP). These ESP components give your pool the combination of strength, durability, and complete corrosion resistance that cannot be matched by any other material on the market today.

Advantage 3

ESP AdvantageMore Uprights on Every Pool
The strength of a bridge is partly determined by the distance between the bridge towers. The closer the towers, the stronger the bridge. Keeping this principle in mind, Sharkline reduced the span between uprights from 57″ to 50″. The result is a stronger top rail that offers maximum structural stability.

Advantage 4

ESP AdvantageOversized Corrosion-Free Foundation System
A weak foundation can lead to high maintenance costs in the future. Knowing this, Sharkline constructs its pools with quality materials that endure the harsh elements of nature. Oversized plates yield up to 40% more support than other above ground pool foundations. The result is a longer lasting foundation.

Advantage 5

ESP AdvantageCorrosion Protection on Metal Components
To ensure that the metal components used in the Sharkline pools last through the seasons as well as vigorous coating procedures. The superior process and coatings we use make Sharkline pools the most reliable in the industry.

Advantage 6

ESP AdvantageStainless Steel Fasteners
All ESP Advantage Sharkline pools feature high grade stainless steel nuts, bolts, and fasteners. Fasteners made from anything less than stainless steel will corrode over time and introduce corrosion to the metal they come into contact with. Sharkline eliminated the worry of rust spots on your pool with 100% stainless steel fasteners.

Advantage 7

ESP AdvantageInterlocking Stabilizer Rails
The interlocking stabilizer rails on your Sharkline pool fit tightly over your liner and the top rail of your pool wall. They form a solid ring of stability around your entire pool. this structure locks the liner in place and increases the life of your liner. The all aluminum construction will never corrode, which means you don’t have to worry about a time consuming replacement project in the future.

Advantage 8

ESP AdvantageFactory Deck and Fence Compatibility
Nothing compliments a pool by making it safer, easier to use, and more enjoyable than a sturdy deck and fence system. Sharkline manufactures some of the finest aluminum and ESP deck and fence products on the market. The products are specifically designed to work with Sharkline’s ESP Advantage pools, so the fit is perfect every time and they compliment the overall look of the pool. This cannot be said for aftermarket products or even decks constructed of wood.

Advantage 9

ESP AdvantageExtended Warranty Features
Sharkline has become such a trusted name in the pool industry not only by making high quality products, but also because we stand behind every pool that we make. We offer some of the most competitive warranties out there, and even offer to extend the non-prorated portions of the warranty when you use a Sharkline liner in your Sharkline pool. Our warranties give you the comfort of knowing your investment is backed up by over 50 years of pool making experience.

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