Choosing the Perfect Pool

Follow these Steps to Make Your Perfect Pool!

The first step in building a swimming pool is making a plan. You must choose your site carefully, while remembering your budget restrictions as well as local laws that are in place. These decisions that need to be well thought out before your pool or hot tub becomes a reality. Keep in mind that inground pools and spas are permanent structures and will be prominent features in or around your home for years to come. Be sure to spend the time and energy necessary to create an environment that will last a lifetime.

Step 1: Decide How You Will Use Your Pool

How will you use your swimming pool? Do you want to relax, participate in healthy exercise, or entertain friends and family? Defining the uses now will help you choose the best location for your pool and decide on the style that meets your needs.

Step 2: Consider Financial Aspects of Pool Ownership

You also need to consider the financial aspects of owning an inground or aboveground pool. If the pool is attractive and not highly specialized, it will be considered an asset.

Before work begins you would want to check with your insurance agent to be sure you have adequate protection. This insurance protection will need to begin immediately. Though the contractor and his subcontractors should carry liability and property damage insurance, make sure of these protections.

Don’t forget to factor maintenance into the cost of the pool that you choose. Routine pool maintenance will include keeping the water chemically balanced and sanitary, maintaining the support equipment, and cleaning the pool surfaces. You can contract a pool service professional to perform these chores, or you can do some or all of them yourself.

Step 3: Determine Your Yard Size and Conditions

In addition to your yard’s dimensions, consider your yard’s slope, soil type and accessibility for construction equipment. Pools are easier to build or install when a yard is level. Severe conditions such as steeply sloping lots, rocky soil and limited access require special construction and installation considerations and typically add to the overall cost and duration of the project. Consulting a Alpine Pools is a good idea as we will be able to tell you which shape would best suit your needs and whether or not it would actually be possible to construct a pool in your desired location.

Step 4: Design Your Pool

Once you have determined the yard size and conditions as well as what your pool will be used for, you can begin to design your pool. When you choose to design an inground or aboveground pool, you can add customized features. Be sure to remember to design the entire poolscape including decks, water features and the patio area.